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Yes, that’s me on the left and that’s also me on the right… as I look today!

Oprah always says, “When you know better, you DO better!”  And I’m doing much better now…physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

I built this website because I wanted to create a safe space for women over fifty to unfold into their FABULOUS selves!  This website is here to remind you that it’s about progress, not perfection.  We always need to be gentle with ourselves and know that we are a work in progress.

Although we have access to more information than ever because of the Internet and Technology, it’s nice to find one place that you can come to for not only information…but “INSPIRATION” for your WHOLE self — your body, mind and spirit!  And that’s what this website is all about.

So let me share with you a little about myself…


Everyone has a story!  My story is unique and at the same time, universal, as I share the same feelings and emotions of so many women and men faced with the fears and the frustrations of aging.

In the previous century, getting older was not a blessing it was a curse, full of anxiety, and fear.  People retired at 65 and believed life was over.  I remember an episode of the television show “All in the Family” where Archie Bunker was celebrating his 50th birthday.  His hair was white, his back was bent, and he thought he was old.  Fifty looked a lot different back then than it does today.  Then Edith went through menopause and she thought her husband wouldn’t love her or want her anymore because she was old.

The new millennium brought about a change, not only in technology, but in our attitude about getting older.  50 became the new 30 and then 60 became the new 40.  Attitudes around aging were changing… unfortunately the health of older Americans wasn’t.  Healthcare issues have become more important than the care for health.

I thought that there were some things that I should expect to happen and/or not happen to me as I got older.  In my twenties, I turned a man’s head when walking down the street.  In my thirties the compliments were less directed towards me and more directed at how cute my kids were.  In my forties, I couldn’t get a date.  And, in my fifties, the guys yelling at me were not asking me for a date, they were asking me for directions. LOL

I shifted my focus and I started building a career focused more on what I thought outside than how I felt on the inside.  I had shifted the power in my Self.  I began a career in public speaking, coaching, and training.  How I looked didn’t matter.  I placed more emphasis on developing my mind and spirit and less on taking care of my body.

Like a lot of women, I started a diet every Monday morning and by the end of the day I had blown it.  I began convincing myself I would never be a size 6 or look like a super model.  I wasn’t supposed to; after all I am 60!

Then the Healthcare Debate – America is in crisis.  The number of people dying from curable diseases like smoking, drinking, drugging; and the serious ailments like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancers all related to diet and the lack of exercise.  Congress was debating healthcare, or the lack thereof, in this country, and Americans began caring more about being ill and less about being well.  Healthcare is the issue of this generation not care of health.

American’s were eating and drinking and knowingly killing themselves.  This didn’t make any sense to me, and what was even more discouraging was I was one of them.  I was eating myself to Death!  Salt, sugar, processed foods, super sizing you name it I did it.  This began to way heavy on my mind, and I knew I was heading in the direction to becoming a healthcare statistic.

However, When You Know Better You Do Better!  You have to become invested in your good health.

Then I had my “Ah Ha” moment.  My son was graduating from college with an advanced degree and I showed up in my black elastic waist trousers and a jacket that covered my butt in 90 degree weather.  My former husband along with family and friends were in attendance and I was doing everything I could to NOT look Fat!  Again I failed; I wasn’t fooling anyone, least of all myself.

My son’s girlfriend was at the graduation of course and she had lost a lot of weight.  I was curious and after telling her how great she looked I had to ask what she had done to lose it.  She told me she had joined a weight loss organization and had lost 30 pounds in three months.  She was half my age, but I thought to myself if I could lose 30 pounds in six months or a year I would be happy.  I made a decision that moment, on that day, that I was going to get fabulous and fit.

Before returning home, I went online and signed up to join the same organization she had.  What happened?  Why now?  How did what she said resonate so profoundly for me?  And, where and when will I get started.  The answer to these questions is:


Getting healthy became more important than making excuses.  I didn’t care if I was a size six or not, I just wanted to feel better from the inside out.  I wanted to take control of my well-being and make my health a priority in my life.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, “There ain’t nothing greater than a made up mind.”  And believe me there is not a truer statement.  I took control of MY LIFE and MY HEALTH!  I didn’t tell anyone except my son’s girlfriend, and she became my accountability partner.  I would call her every Thursday after my weigh-ins and she cheered me on whether I lost 5 pounds or 1/10th of a pound.  She was the best!  After “ONE WEEK” I felt like a new woman.

It was nineteen months before my 60th birthday, and the commitment to myself was to lose one pound for every year of my life.  It didn’t matter how long it took what mattered was I was committed to that number no matter what.  And I Did It!  I lost fifty pounds by my birthday and another seventeen pounds during my birthday year and I have kept it off.  Now I am sharing with others, how they can do the same thing.

 A Plan and a Purpose!

I made getting healthy a priority.  Was it easy?  No.  Especially not in the beginning; it took about a week for me to withdraw from all the sugar and processed chemicals in my system.  That’s why it’s important to get support in the beginning of any weight loss program.

You have heard it before “Diet’s Don’t Work”, however, Lifestyle Changes Do!  And if I can do it so can you.

My Lifestyle Fitness Coaching  program takes a holistic approach to weight loss as it engages the mind, body, and spirit.

So, Come Get Fit With Me…
The Best Is Yet To Be!